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Yangzhou Haixing CNC Brush Machine Co., Ltd.

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Toothbrush making Machine


SJ series conical sand making machine is based on the efficient crushing mechanism of cone crusher . It adopts multi-cylinder hydraulic technology to meet the shortcomings of traditional vertical shaft sand making machine in actual use. The requirement is to create a new concept of sand making equipment independently developed by using patented technology with independent intellectual property rights in product structure, materials and processes. What is not clear with the principle of the traditional vertical shaft sand making machine “stone stone” is that the cone sand making machine uses the working principle of “stone grinding stone” to realize sand making, from “sanding” to “sanding sand”. "It is easier and more efficient to make stone material sand." The main production line for mining various artificial stone sand, various types of metallurgical powder metallurgy mine production line extraction device.


1. High-strength integral casting casing, long service life and high reliability;

2. Wide range of use. According to the configuration of the stone production line, through the adjustment of the discharge opening, the functions of stone crushing, stone shaping, sand making, etc. can be separately completed, and one machine can be used. There is no need to add new equipment, and the functions of crushing, shaping and sand making functions can be realized at any time according to the needs;

3. Turn waste into treasure. The sand making effect (sanding rate) is not affected by the incoming material, and the round stone wool, tailings and waste stone can be sanded;

4.10-80mm finished stone, sand can be made in both single-stage and continuous-grade stone;

5. Needle-shaped less than 5% (5mm below sand), 5-9mm, 9-19mm stone cubes are multi-prism surface (high bonding strength), which can meet the needs of national key projects and highway aggregates;

6. Flexible configuration. According to the market personality requirements, the important parameters (stroke, cavity type, speed) of the machine can be adjusted;

7. The use and maintenance cost is low, and the main wear-resistant parts (rolling wall, broken wall) have a continuous working time of 1500-2000h or even longer;

8. Low power consumption per unit of output;

9. Allow large doses of flushing, flushing does not affect production, but can also be improved;

10. The main system and components are equipped with protective devices, which are safer and more reliable to use.

Working principle: The working part of the conical sand making machine is two cones, one is the moving cone fixed on the main shaft, and the other fixed cone is part of the frame, which is static. The center line of the spindle moving cone intersects with the center line of the fixed cone to form a β angle (about 1°). The lower end of the main shaft is inserted into the eccentric bushing, and the bushing rotates around the bushing at an eccentric distance, so that the moving cone performs a swaying motion along the inner surface of the fixed cone, and the stone at the place is pressed by the moving cone. Extrusion, bending, shearing and breaking, away from the fixed cone, the broken stone falls on the bottom of the cone due to the action of gravity. Because the eccentric bushing rotates continuously, the moving cone also rotates continuously, so the crushing process and unloading The material process proceeds sequentially along the inner surface of the fixed cone.

When the stone is crushed, due to the action of the crushing force, a frictional force is generated on the surface of the moving cone, and the direction thereof is opposite to the moving direction of the moving cone, so that a moment is formed on the main axis, so that the moving cone rotates around the axis. It also performs the rotation movement in the opposite direction. This rotation movement promotes a more uniform particle size and uniform wear on the surface of the moving cone.

The stone material is crushed by extrusion, bending and shearing between the two tapered surfaces, and the stone material is freely discharged after being broken, so that the production capacity is large and the power consumption is low.

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